Saturday, June 2, 2012

How To Decorate Your Car With Hubcaps

Your car is a work of art. You have poured blood, sweat, tears and thousands of dollars into it so it can always look its best. From a new steering wheel cover to new back seat covers and even seatbelt pads you have given it the full works on the interior. You just sprang for a bright new paint job and all that's left to complete this masterpiece is the perfect choice of hubcaps. The best part is that this is one of the easiest DIY jobs you can do on your car. With these simple shiny almost magical snap-on discs your car can become a new creature in seconds. Poof, shazam!
Most factory vehicles roll off the assembly line with the stock wheel covers and that's a good thing, otherwise people would just end up driving around with ugly naked wheel wells. The stock wheel covers don't really have that personal flair that drivers want and are pretty generic but they do fulfill their temporary purpose which is to cover the wheel well's nakedness until a suitable replacement is found, and today the choices are endless.
Now more than ever online retailers offer a variety of hubcaps to choose from. In terms of decor you can match any sensibility or specific taste from sophisticated to whimsical and playful. The more masculine and edgy modern designs are works of art in themselves featuring intricate patterns that shock the senses.
Even if you had your heart set on rims you can get hubcaps that look just like rims and you can stay ahead of the game by paying a fraction of the price to get the same look. A fraction of the effort to install is, of course, an added bonus where you can still get the quality you want. What's more hubcaps are lightweight so that you can get added fuel efficiency compared to heavier rims. Less fuel consumption means fewer stops at the gas pump so you can stay within your budget.
Hubcaps create drama and give your car added personality. It's not just to keep debris from getting into your wheel well it's a statement to the world that you are here and it puts your unique stamp on your ride. They get you noticed so that both you and your car are taken seriously. Choosing the right wheel covers to complete your customization shows that you have vision, can execute that vision and are a creative force to be reckoned with.

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