Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Me and My Acura

I've been a truck guy for many years. My trucks have always been reliable, functional, and tall. I never felt uncomfortable on the road or felt bullied by other vehicles. When driving a truck or any large vehicle, there is a level of respect that other drivers instinctively give you. They have the greater incentive to avoid a collision with you. This had been my experience on the road almost exclusively and as far back as is worth remembering.
Not too long ago, a series of events lead me to have to forgo my truck driving days and change the direction of my driving "career". It was time for a change and I embraced it. Gas prices aren't so kind to trucks so I was looking forward to some relief in that aspect. What I did not realize was that I was about to enter a world of vehicles that is vast, and full of options. A world of convenience, comfort, power, and gadgets! I was on my way to becoming a luxury sedan driver.
After two weeks of diligent research, test drives, and consultation I fell in love with a Black Acura TSX. I felt almost a kinship with it since my dream car had always been the Acura NSX (a car that I had almost purchased a year earlier out of pure childhood whim).
In the days, weeks, and months to come, I fell not only in love, but almost obsessed with my Acura. I had come to realize that this car was not just a car. It was a design. It had been since before inception, in the hearts and minds of designers, engineers, and executives. And now, it was in mine.
My Acura no longer is just a comfortable mode of transportation. It represents me and who I am. Every aspect of it from the engine, to the interior, to the amazing luxury features represents me. My Acura TSX and I are one.
It's the steel horse that I ride, and it is faithful. It loves me and does so unconditionally. It knows all my preferences. From the way I like to sit, to my radio stations, to the interior temperature, to the way I like to accelerate and brake.
It is quiet but powerful and only taps into that power when I call upon it. I use to feel safe in a truck because of the sheer presence. Now I feel safe because my Acura and I work as one. We are ready to handle anything the road can throw at us. And we do so with precision, restrained power, and comfort.

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